CNC & 2-D

CNC & 2-D

Your imagination is the only limit!

Cut precise shapes from sheet material - create a frame for the new drone you have been planning out – make an electronics mounting board with all the holes, channels, slots and notches that make it perfect – have a rocket fin set cut from fiberglass, or have three slightly different sets cut out.

The possibilities are endless!

CNC router
CNC router cutout example
CNC router cutout example

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How Much Does it Cost?


HobbyRocket utilizes the latest technology, production techniques and equipment to provide the best value available to hobbyists - ever. Having said that - the possibilities are endless!
Product Examples

Every project is unique and the only way we can tell you for sure – is to show us. As an idea guide, here are a few recent examples and what they might cost. These examples required no drafting and were ready to slice and print.

Recent Examples

ABS Face Plates - $17 
4-Fin Set from 1 sq ft of 1/8” fiberglass - $19

    Pricing Information  

    • Material – Typically you will have to purchase a stock piece of material to cut from. For large pieces (bigger than our listed stock sizes), multiple pieces you may purchase the material by the square foot.
    • There is waste 
      • Don't forget:
        • Cutting bits have width. A little bit of your material becomes sawdust.
      • Be aware:
        • Cutting bits are round. If you don't understand how this will affect inside and outside corners of your piece, please talk to us and we will help.
      • There are practical limitations to how well multiple shapes can be cut from a given panel of material.
      • Please don't hesitate to talk to us about the best way to build your component.
    • Second one is always cheaper – Even if you submit your file ready for printing, there is a small setup fee of $5 to $15 ($20 for complex or very large pieces). It usually just takes a few seconds more to cut another one - or ten - out of the same stock.
    • Drafting and design 
      • Just need a simple geometric shape cut from a sheet of material? This is usually already covered in the set up cost above.
      • If you have your own design file, submit your file with any errors cleaned up and ready to cut. Be aware that bits are round and have width. Make your design as simple as possible while still performing its function.
      • Need help with the drafting? Typically, you can expect a minimum $20 charge and costs can go up from there. We urge you to contact us about your planned project. We can help. 
    • Have questions – please ask us.
    Custom Ordering Process

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