3-D Printing is better than ever with NCT3!

With today's 3-D technology, hobbyists can create components like never before!

Example of a sled design

The three biggest hurdles facing many hobbyists wanting to take advantage of 3-D printing is SIZE, QUALITY, and STRENGTH. Many of the printers available to the average hobbyist produce small brittle parts that are small and often lack the desired detail. 

HobbyRocket solves all three of the concerns by giving you access to commercial grade printing equipment and software! Huge prints are available from the strongest of filaments. 

Situation and Solution

Standard 3-d vs 3-D with NCT3 chart

Very simply put, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printers create 3-D prints by laying down flat narrow beads of plastic to form "layers." The next layers are printed on top of the previous layers to form the final product. Traditionally, these components share similar (but not identical) characteristics to their material counterparts when being compressed or flexed against the "grain" of these layers. However, a weaker spot is created at the joint between each layer. 

HobbyRocket uses our proprietary lamination process to increase the strength of many of our materials. We simply add a layer or two of fiberglass or carbon fiber over the finished component. This allows you to capture the full range of capabilities possible from today's CAD software and 3-D printers. Plus, you get the strength and weight that you need! All of this is done to your custom needs, at our below the cost of other suppliers' stock parts - if they even exist!


How it Works

Printing of the exterior wall of a component is done in a fashion that - once prepared properly - allows adhesion of a bonding agent and thin layer(s) of fiberglass or carbon fiber to be bonded to the printed part.

Best Applications

  • Any components with flat surfaces where strength is important.
  • On thin wall hollow components.
  • On hollow components with rounded surfaces.

        Design flexibility like never before!

        • Higher strength capabilities: up to 8x stronger by weight and 5x stronger by thickness
        • Faster print times
        • Most economical compared to same cost and weight equivalent thickness in fiberglass or carbon fiber!

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