Eyebolt, Forged

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The thrill, and genuine satisfaction!!  Soaring with near perfect vertical acceleration....the coast....nosing over....You see the smoke! 

Then, in that fraction of a second - as you hear the pop - its that instant when you realize both halves are traveling waaayyy too far apart...a chute.  Oh no!  That chute is attached to the cheap half. 

"Did anybody see where the booster section - with my brand new 54mm case - went?"

So begins the next few hours of your life, if you're lucky.  After walking straight out to your sustainer section (which dual deployed beautifully, coming to rest about 100yds away), you quickly determine the source of your crushing disappointment.  For at the other end of your shock cord is nothing but a loop.  Hours later you will likely collapse from the exhaustion of walking back and forth, but you never find your prized new motor case. 

Archaeologists will later find that your cheap attachment anchor pulled apart like soft taffy.  Future civilizations will learn from your failures and use forged anchor bolts, but your sacrifice will go unappreciated.

You should have used a good forged anchor bolt....